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Our Days out in Unst

These accounts were written in 2006 with the result that some of the arrangements have now changed.

Each Tuesday all of the Fetlar school bairns leave the island, via the 7:50 ferry, to go to Baltasound Junior High School in Unst. It is a 25 minute ferry crossing. They are met by a minibus which takes them the 8 miles north to Baltasound. The boys then attend the school breakfast club before joining the P5-7 pupils in their classroom at 9:15. The Fetlar bairns attend assembly, Home Economics, Music & PE lessons during the day. The school day ends at 3:20 and the pupils have the same journey (but via the Wind Dog Cafe) in reverse.

The pupils have written an account of one of their days in Unst and all of these are displayed on this page.

The Geira, which is our ferry, at Hamars Ness




This is the Geira at Hamars Ness, awaiting passengers.




Here are the pupils own diary accounts of a recent day in Unst:

Hello. I'm in P4.

Yesterday we went on the ferry to the Baltasound School in Unst.   I went with my Dad as he works on the ferry. It was very early so we went to Breakfast Club.  I ate toast and cheese spread.

At Assembly we did Road Safety with Miss Reyner.

I played the xylophone in music. I didn’t like it.  

Then we did Yoga. It was both painful and fun.  

At Home Economics we baked flapjacks.  I was working with Jordan, Mark and Tighe. It was quite fun.

I had a burger and tatties then cheesecake for lunch.   It was nice except for the burger. Then I went to the Primary end to play.

We played basketball in PE. My team won two games.

Miss Reyner took us on the ferry to Yell. I had a cheeseburger, a  Mars bar and a drink at the Wind  Dog Café.

On my way back to Fetlar I played a game. It was a good day.

The Bigga at Gutcher

This is a P5 account.

The ferry out

We played a game James made up called Gate Keeper where someone asks a question or a riddle.

Breakfast Club

I had a cheese string, 2 slices of toast and apple juice.


I sat next to Robert Gray. We were doing road safety with near miss Jackie’s stories


We played the Xylophone and sang a song with Mrs Bonner. It was okay.


Yoga was both quite painful and relaxing. Our teacher was Lorraine Gifford.

Home Economics

In H.E. we made flapjacks. I enjoyed it, but we left them at the Unst school. We are getting them sent over on the ferry.


At lunch I had steak in gravy with potatoes. I had cheesecake for pudding.


There was 5 in my team we played one good game and lost the rest.

Wind Dog Cafe

I had a cheeseburger, ice-cream and a bottle of juice.

The ferry in

We played the Gate Keeper and enjoyed it.

The Ferry at Gutcher on Yell

This is a P6 account:

The ferry out

On the ferry out we played a game I had made up. Its called Gate Keeper where someone asks questions or riddles and the other team tries to guess the answer. The team moves one step forward every time they get one right. It ends when the other team gets to the end.

Breakfast club

I had some toast and there was supposed to be Bovril but Mr Gill had forgotten it. He was very apologetic. I had some fruit and yoghurt instead.


We learned about road safety and heard some stories about near miss Jackie stories.


We learned to play Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence on the xylophone, which in my opinion was quite difficult.


Some of it was relaxing and some of it was painful. When we had to put our heads to our legs it was painful.

Home Economics

I had a really good time in H.E. because I love cooking. We made flapjacks for the coffee morning that we are going to have on Friday.


We played basketball and bench-ball my team won the basketball but lost the bench ball.  

Wind Dog

I had a sausage roll, a mars bar and a lemon and lime drink.

Trip back into Fetlar

We played Gate Keeper again but Tom was the keeper this time. It was really fun.

Some of the boys on the Geira

This is a P7 account:

On the ferry out to Unst we played a game that James made. It is called the Gate Keeper. The person guarding the gate had to ask a series of questions. The questions could be about anything!

Breakfast club

When we got to Unst School we went to the breakfast club and I had Corn Flakes, toast and yoghurt. It all cost 75p.


Next school started and we all went to the assembly. It was about road safety.


We learned to play Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence on the xylophone.


We went to the leisure centre to do yoga. It was very painful but at some points it was relaxing.

Home Economics

We made flapjacks for the coffee morning. They all looked very good. 


At lunch I had steak, salad and carrots. For dessert I had cheesecake! 


Back at the leisure centre we did PE and played Basketball. My team ruled!

Wind Dog

Last of all home on our way to Fetlar we stopped by the Wind Dog Café. I had a hamburger, Fanta and an Aero.

The Wind Dog Cafe at Gutcher in Yell










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