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Mr Paul Thomson

Principal Teacher:
Mrs Katy Hay


Fetlar Primary School,

Telephone Number:
01595 807072

Fax Number:
(01957) 733208

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Our Shaduff

The Shaduff needs assembling.

Our Shaduff is ready to assemble

Lifting an adult with one hand

A lesson on the science

The scientific theory

The explanatory diagram by Mr Rose of Shetland field Studies Trust

Small scale practice

Mini replicas

The sides are constructed

Success on the model

The knots need to be tight

Lashing the full size version

The Shaduff takes shape

A moment's rest

Its complicated

A tight knot to hold everything together.

The Shaduff is ready

The Shaduff is closer to the burn.

Its almost ready

Final changes


Success - we have water!

The first worker

Working the Shaduff

The Shaduff works!

A bucket full of water.

A working Shaduff in Fetlar

A brief demonstration

Scooping out the water

Scooping up the water

The Shaduff in motion

The water is extracted

Its working!

Another successful go.

A heavily laden bucket.

Success again!

Its working!

The Shaduff finally collapses under the strain!

The Shaduff collapses under the strain.

Someone always gets wet!!

There's always one pseudo-Egyptian who gets wet.

Yes, we made a shaduff as part of our ES topic on the Ancient Egyptians. A shaduff is used to draw water out of the Nile to irrigate fields. Not having the Nile at our disposal, we used the burn at the beach. Our attempts to build were successful, but our attempts to draw water were slightly less effective, but we still managed.

Thank you to Mr Rose of Shetland Field Studies Trust for coming, teaching & helping us.


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