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Term 3 News (January - March 2010)


All this week we have been working on our own Chinese New Year Celebrations. We have made a chinese dragon and held a dragon parade inside the school.
Dragon slayer?Dragon Queen

We have also made (and eaten) Yuebli, otherwise known as mooncakes.

Making MooncakesMooncakesGlazing the mooncakesEnjoying mooncakes
Eating mooncakes

As well as having stir-fry for lunch...

Yum yum!

The Nursery have joined in with these celebrations and have made puppets celebrating the Chinese year of the dog and the year of the tiger.

Year of the Tiger

Our P7 has also written his own version of the Chinese New Year story at a level appropriate for the nursery, as part of his Language work. its really good. here are some pictures of an enraptured audience at the world premiere.

The story of the Chinese New YearThe audience is listening

Golden Water

Mystery Water

We've noticed that when you wash away the golden paint, the particles stay in the water causing it to look mysterious!

Chinese New Year

Painting our Dragon

Today we have started to make a Dragon as part of our Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Red is the colour

Our film director

We have recorded us painting the dragon, making the dragon's head and constructing the hand puppet.

Our Dragon's Head

We've had a real Curriculum For Excellence morning: Science, Maths, Art, Language, RME, Health & ES.


Princess looks on

Unst, which is the most northerly island in the UK, celebrates the Viking festival of Up Helly aa. In fact, they actually have two separate events, one at Uyeasound & the other in Norwick.
On Uyeasound Up Helly Aa (Friday 12th February 2010) the Jarl and his squad came to visit the Baltasound school bairns. We all went out to Unst to see them: a Viking Warrior & a Viking Princess.

Some people are very brave - meeting a Viking!



Our Art Teacher, Mrs Nelson, was at Up Helly Aa with her young son Seorras. Seorras is the one without the beard!



Mr Rose came to visit us On Thursday 111th February. We made Snorri-banes and balancing toys. We also discovered how to affect an items centre of gravity. It was truly a Science Curriculum for Excellence.

All together


Starry Starry Night

A starry night

We are making pictures of objects in Space.

Some people like to play with the puppet though!

Ready to be a Viking?

Viking Princess? Working together on a costume

Getting ready for Up Helly Aa.

A snowy view

View from the school

On Thursday 4th February we all walked to school.

Our Snowman

Snow has disrupted schooling in Fetlar recently. School was closed on Friday 29th January & Monday 1st February.

Snowmit the Snowman

He's alone- gazing at Lamb Hoga

When we re-opened after the snow closure we made a snowman: which looks a bit like a muppet.

Winter Bird Seed

Bird Seed mix

We made bird seed cakes to help feed the birds as the winter is quite harsh this year.


Fetlar Nursery Opens

As of January 11th 2010 Fetlar Primary School has a pupil in the Nursery. At the moment we are looking at Snow: making snowmen, making snowflakes, enjoying snack and painting snowy scenes amongst many other things. Here are some pictures....

Painting snowflakes


Making a Snowman

Scaring the P7

A Birthday

It was the Teacher's birthday on the same day as the nursery opened, so our nursery pupil and her mum made a delicious cake with smarties and jellytots. It was delicious.

Chocolate Cake

Yum yum

Our Frog Eyed Snowman

Our snowman

We made a snowman and gave him eyes that made him look like Kermit the Frog!

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