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Term 3 News (January - March 2014)

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Socially Aware

We are looking at social skills this month: working together, praise & reward and good listening behaviour.


Team WorkTeam Work

Team Work

We've had to work together to produce a team name, team Mascot, Team Sign, a presentation about Good Listening and design (and use) a reward system to acknowledge good listening behaviour, kindness or politeness

Updated 060314

Tapestry Update

It is TapestryTapestryTapestryConcentrating

We've been working on our tapestry. Some of it is very traditional whilst other parts are a little bit more unusual!

Everybody is really enjoying it though.

Viking Cloaks

Crafty Vikings

We said 'Thankyou' to our Crafty Crafter for making our beautiful Viking Cloaks.

Pancake Day


We had pancakes to celebrate Fat Tuesday / Mardi Gras / Pancake Day.

We made sure that we did our teeth throughly afterwards!!

Mr Rose

Guinea PigGuinea Pig

Mr Rose visited us to finish off our Forces topic. He encouraged fearless Stan, the Guinea Pig, to undertake lots of experiments.


A market stallGreenWick

Our model of GreenWick is now finished.

The pupils said:
It is green because there is lots of green grass because the Vikings didn't have lots of land at home.
It has stalls because people needed to buy and sell things.
It has a weaponry because Vikings made and traded tools.
It has vegetable patches because people needed to grow their own food.
It has statues because the Vikings worshipped different Gods.
It has animals because the Vikings needed milk, meat, wool and horses as a means to tranport their goods.
It has a sandy wick so they can berth their boats safely.

Viking GuardsAnimal Pens

Thor and the Veg patchGreenwick

View from the seaStall

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School Holidays

School is closed on Friday 21st, Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th February. School re-opens on Wednesday 26th February at 9am.


Green Wick

The pupils have invented a Viking settlement called Greenwick, because the land is very rich and green and is centred around a sandy wick or bay. This meant the Viking Longships could berth easily.

We have been studying why the Vikings came to Fetlar or Shetland and have learned that Fetlar might mean 'Fat Land'. We know they were searching for new flat lands where they could grow food and rear sheep and cattle. P1 knew that the land was green, with the result that they painted it accordingly. Everybody has made or helped to make a Viking longhouse or a store. Animals have also been added to the display.

Farm Stead Hoose

Thanks to Mrs Gibb for her help with this.

A burnThicket roof

Every settlement needs a burn (and a duck!) Some of the houses have thicket (tickitt) rooves.


Every settlement needs kye (or cows) for milk of course. Pigs would also be useful. Stones from Houbie beach were used to suggest byre walls.

The older pupils noticed how similar to the crofting toonships it all looks. Strange that....

Aerial Shot

Six or 6

Six reelsSix paintsSixSixSixSix

Primary 1 aren't quite sure of the numeral that goes with the number 6 so all pupils invented games to help them.
These pictures are from the 'Find the 6' game. There was also a noughts and sixes game, a hunt the 6 and numeral bingo game.

Uyeasound Up Helly Aa

Fetlar Vikings in Unst

The school went out to Unst last Friday (Feb 14th) to see the Jarl Squad at Baltasound Junior High School. We had specially made purple robes, shields and axes or swords. There are more pictures here.



Vikings about to invade Unst.....

Shields in progress

As part of our current Viking topic we have been studying the Vikings: what they ate, where they came from, how they travelled and why they came.

We have also been making swords and shiels for Uyeasound Up Helly Aa (on February 14th), which we plan to attend if the weather allows.

Click here for Uyeasound Up Helly Aa Pictures.....

Creative Play


As its been quite cold, we got out the Arctic Lego set and the Arctic play scene. These were enjoyed by all the pupils.

Tapestry Continues




With help from one of our local 'Crafty Crofters' our tapestry is coming on well. All pupils are discovering that its quite intricate.

Tapestry Tapestry

But we have reached the stage of adding the grass so there is lots for our P1s to do next week, as it will be their turn.

The Force of a Brick

Brick ForceStudying the brick

Mr Rose came at the end of our Forces topic to review it with us. We conducted an experiment to see what Forces acted on a brick and then saw how we could increase the distance a marble could travel.


We discovered that there was a maximum distance before the force was too great.

Will it move?

We also had to concentrate quite hard.

Thanks Mr Rose!

Team Force

Forceful Car Car

DesignerDesign Team

The car had to be built to allow us to move a 2kg weight by push or pull, but also have parts that twisted around.

Our pupils worked well in their groups. All the cars suceeded and some were quite aerodynamic.



The younger pupils worked together to complete the jigsaw.

How do we reduce the effect of Friction?


The school divided into two teams and invented lots of different ways to reduce Friction. we had to move a 1kg with the least resistance. We used a Newton meter to show how much (or how little) force was needed.

Newton MeterPulling the weight

The water was quite successful (if messy) but the rollers and the train track proved to be the most effective way of reducing the amount of Friction.

Newton MeterLess Friction

The Force of Drums

Junk drumming

Some of the pupils constructed their own drum kits during their break times.

Commonwealth Games Tapestry

TapestryMaking a bike

The pupils have each sketched something about Fetlar in the month of June for our section of the Commonwealth Games tapestry. All the designs have been selected and adapted before being placed on our Tapestry design. We are very grateful to the local community for their involvement and especially our Crafty Crofter Joanne Bell for her help with our design. One of the pupils is working on the bicycle in the photo on the right.

Pom Pom SheepPom Pom Sheep

Some of the other pupils have made pom poms to use as sheep on the final finished piece of Artwork.

Pom Pom Making

It was delicate but they look good.

Feel The Force of Upthrust


P6/7 were given 30g of blu-tak and were challenged to get it to float in a bowl full of water. It took many attempts and a big discussion on upthrust before our P6 pupil triumphed.

World Desk Speed Record (Maybe)

Making sails Forces

We had been discussing air resistance and how it can slow things down. We decided to prove how we could reverse this and use the force of air to push something along. We used a hairdryer and made some sails to see who could cross the desk in the quickest time.


Is it a Push, Pull or Twist?

Push Pull Twist

P1-3 have discovered that there are 3 different types of force: push, pull & twist. They also know about gravity.

Building a toy that shows the different types of Force


Some people prefered Lego, whilst others thought that the Knex was better.


Playing with itA moving toy

We used Lego and Knex to construct our toys.

A pull push twist modelLongFinishedProudForcesModels

Each toy must be capable of a being pushed and pulled and have some part that could twist.



Happy Christmas


We are very sorry that the website hasn't been updated for the past 6 weeks! We have had technical problems - which means that the computer refused to connect to the server which then forgot the password etc etc.

Anyway, we are now back up to date...

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