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Fetlar Primary School,

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Term 2 & 3 News (October - December 2014) & (January-March 2015)

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New Website

Our new website will launch soon. This means that this site will only receive minimal updates whilst work progresses on the new site.
Any updates will be posted on this page.

We anticipate the new site being live by March 2015.

A Very Beary Christmas

Our play was a big success!

Christmas Play

Filming for the play began (Like all masterpieces) a little behind schedule on November 18th. Will it be complete for its premiere in 31 days at 7:30pm on December 19th?

Right Angles

Right AngleRight Angle

As part of their learning in Maths, our P3 and 4 went hunting for right angles around the school. They were surprised by how many they found.

Fund Raising

Fund raising by bakingBakingYum

We held a fundraising night on Friday November 14th. We made homebakes (with a little local help) and held a raffle. We also got lots of donations for the raffle and many items of homebaking. Yum! We raised £85 for the Edinburgh Trip and increased our Water Aid collection to £32.

During the Christmas holiday our P6, the teacher and a parent are going to attempt to ride from Hamars Ness to Funzie to raise funds for Water Aid.

Please click here to find out about Water Aid.

Rights Respecting School


As part of our bid for the Rights Respecting School Award we have drawn up an action plan in order to demonstrate that we can qualify for our RRSA. For this we decided that we needed to re-write the school rules and link them to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). We discussed the rules as a whole school and our secretary went to type them all up. In the picture above our older pupils are proff reading them and making improvements. P1-3 had already had their say by this point. We have 3 sheets: the actual charter and an additional sheet with explanation of the individual rights included. We thought that it was like a glossary for the younger pupils.

Our new charters, which were signed by the pupils and endorsed by the Head Teacher, are below:Rights Respecting RulesGlossary


Christmas Film 2014


The Film goes into production on November 10th. The Director is already impatiently wanting to start.

A list of costume requirements will be sent out shortly.

Rights Respecting School

Fetlar Primary School is going to begin its journey to Level 1 of the RRSA scheme this term.

Please visit for more information.


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