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News Archive (October - December 2006)

The Longest Night


We took this picture at 9:10 this morning. We're heading towards Summer now. The days will get longer!

P7-S5 Dance

On Wednesday 20th December we went to Unst for our Christmas Party, which was fun and LOUD! Our P7 also stayed out and went to the evening dance where he danced himself almost dizzy. Thanks to everybody. A great time was had by all.


On Tuesday 19th December we held the premiere of Grumpilocks and her Bairns in the school. Our film went down well, as did the tea & the mince pies. We also raised over £150 through the raffle.

Lots of tea & mince pies!Busy, busy, busy!

Mince Pie Festival

We have made mince pies for the premiere of Grumpilocks & Her Four Bairns. It was very enjoyable, although rather messy. Thanks to Marie for her endless patience.

The pastry mixture - made by our own fair hands! Marie shows us how its done.Carefully cutting out the piesRolling the pastryCan you separate pies from the table?Nearing completion!

A Busy Day

On Friday 15th December we were booked to go and see "Happy Feet" at the Garrison Theatre in Lerwick. We were slightly worried about the weather though as some ferries were disrupted by the strong winds on Thursday. However, fortune favoured the brave and it was a fairly calm day. This meant we were in for a long day out. For the boy's own opinions of the day please click here.

After this we visited Harry's Department Store on 'The Street' in Lerwick, using some of our profits from the Fetlar Ferry Timetable to buy some early Christmas presents.

We had lunch at Da Haaf in Scalloway and also took in a tour of some of the workshops in the Fisheries College (External link). We also visited the bridge simulator and were (briefly) responsible for an oil tanker sailing up the Clyde past Dunoon. It really inspired the boys. They thought that it was a giant computer game.

After all this it was time to head north again, and we arrived back in Fetlar by quarter to 5.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the day. We had a great time.

Tidy, tidy, tidy

Our classroom was a tip after filming so we all joined together and tidied it.

This is what it looked like before.Fingertip cleaningDeep cleaningAll Grumpilock's dirty cups had to be washed.Cleaning frenzy

Fetlar Film Festival (Take 3)

It is finished. It is done. It is edited. the two films for our Christamas performance are saved to the DVD. Hurray! The main feature is Grumpilocks & her Four Bairns. Its almost a panto (but not quite). Premieres Tuedsay 19th December at 8pm in the school on the big screen.

World Exclusive

Magsie (our School Secretary, Playground Supervisor, Classroom Assistant and Knitting Instructor) has just become a granny again. Grandchild number 6 was born today in Edinburgh. All are said to be doing well. There's no name yet but we know its a boy.
This is literally all we know.... but it won't be for long. Good news travels fast!

Fetlar & Unst Ferry Timetable raises over £140

It just keeps selling, especially in Unst! The Fetlar version is free to download from the main school page or by clicking here. Its paid for our school trip to Lerwick, a pile of sweets / drinks & a meal out. Now, wherever you are in the world you can know when the next boat is from Hamar's Ness or work out how close you came to catching it.

Fetlar Film Festival (Take 2)

Grumpilock's kitchen before the Chef gets to cook his delightful & nourishing meal!

Its amazing how good the boys are with the video camera. We've filmed one of our 'Christmas sketches' and all the footage was usable, apart from the usual giggles. Christmas plays are much easier this way. We're discovering many ways to hide the script just like they do on TV. The Fetlar School Sofa has become an essential prop. Hopefully, our cliffs will stand up to the weather (see previous news below).

The set is ready, the script is learned - we're about to film Grumpilocks & her Four Bairns. More news later.

Happy Birthday Miss Reyner: who was 21 again on Sunday December 10th

Celebrating like a P7! (see below)

This weekend our eldest member of staff, Miss Reyner, had a select gathering in Unst on her actual birthday. But we couldn't get to that so we decided to award her an official "Fetlar Birthday." This happens when someone's birthday falls outside the school week or they dare to be oot of Fetlar. She had her choice of lunch, which was Mushroom Lasagne (which was very nice) and a pudding of high calorific value. Anyway there was lots of chocolate in it! It was enjoyed by all.

Gazing at the Stars in a blackout!

The Inflatable Planetarium!

We have been participating in LtScotland's Ticket To Space online activities as part of our Space topic. To make this even more interactive a visit from the Shetland Field Studies Trust's planetarium was arranged. This is a giant inflatable dome which displays the night sky and all the constellations of the northern hemisphere. It was great. Mr Rose took us on a tour across the galaxy, without us leaving the dome.

Unfortunately, on the day Mr Rose was due to take us on our tour of the constellations, the power supply to the whole of Fetlar went off. This left us with a school with no heat or light & the potential of a Planetarium with the no power to its many bulbs. In true Fetlar style we made a quick decision and went to the Leisure Centre in Unst and gazed at the stars there. Lukily for us Mr Rose hadn't left the Shetland Mainland so it didn't cause too much disruption. He was very patient with us as well. Thanks Harry.

As an extra bonus we got to go to the Wind Dog twice in the same week.

P7 Birthday Treat

Another Birthday in Fetlar

Our eldest pupil turned 11 on Sunday December 3rd. In keeping with tradition he was allowed to celebrate an official birthday on the folowing Monday. He was also allowed to choose his own birthday lunch: real Beefburgers, salad, chips & pasta. The pudding was lemon meringue which was absolutely delicious.
Unfortunately, the camera won't let us access any of these pictures. We will have to wait until our technical department has threatened the camera with a big stick.

Eco School Posters

We have made posters promoting saving energy. These are currently available to all Fetlar folk from the shop or the school. These posters are available by clicking here.

Visit of ChromaZikes! Its a scary 3 headed monster!

On Thursday 30th November we had an extra visit to Unst to see Chroma, a chamber ensemble who hadjust completed an operatic production of Odysseus. They worked with the whole of the Primary Department at BJHS, Uyeasound Primary and our own bairns. For photos please click here.

For additional information on Chroma click here. This is an external link.

Scottish Arts Council


Fetlar Film Festival

Filming in progress

We're making cliffs

Filming has now started for the Fetlar Film Festival - which is our Christmas Production. The films will have their premiere in the school on Tuesday 19th December at 8pm, with Grumpilocks & her 4 Bairns being truly unique. The scenery is being constructed even now. The picture above shows us attempting to make cliffs.

Mince Pies will be available on the night. More details to follow.

Fetlar Ferry Timetable Tops £125

We have made over £125 pounds through sales of our North Isles Ferry Timetables. This means that, after taking out expenses, we have made £100 profit. Thank you to all who purchased copies. We are hoping to do an expanded summer edition as part of our enterprise activities. Copies of the North Isles timetables, which are valid until March 30th 2007, are still available from the school. They are also available on request from the Fetlar Shop as well as The Final Checkout & the Baltasound Post Office.Stocks are now running low though. A free to download pdf version of the connection to & from Fetlar is available by clicking here.

P4 Birthday Treat

Enjoying 8th Birthday Lunch!

Where else can you get a birthday school dinner designed especially for you? Our P4 chose Fish & Chips, with Chocolate Cake for pudding. No custard though! Everyone enjoyed the lunch. Special thanks to Marie who cooked it all and prepared the table.

Rainbow in the classroom

The school at the end of the rainbow?All the colours of the rainbow.

On Friday we had a rainbow in our classroom. It was caused by the sun shining through the blinds and refracting through the fish tank.

Baltasound Junior High School wins Prize

Our linked school, Baltasound Junior High School (BJHS for short) has won first place in the Shetland Islands Council's School website competition. They recieved a £500 software voucher from Ben Scott of the SIC's ICT team. Well Done to Mr Pennington who now runs the BJHS website. Click here to see the prize winning site. Two other schools, Burravoe and Whiteness, came second and third.

Mr Pennington, BJHS

All other entrants (including Fetlar) were awarded £100 software vouchers.

Fetlar scores a goal!

Waiting for  a chance to save

Our 5-a-side goalposts have arrived! So has our new swing seat. Click here to see more pictures.

Halloween Party

Septic Peg came from lands to the north to tell fortunes both bright and scary!A scary coo!

On Friday November 4th the community held a Halloween party for the bairns in the community hall. Teas, homebakes and lots of food was available. There was also a large amount of sweets available for competition prizes. There was even a fortune teller. Thanks to everybody who donated sweets or baked for the evening. Special thanks to all the folk who spookily decorated the hall. Click here to see more photos.

Ferry Timetable

The Fetlar School's North Isles Winter Timetable is now available from the school, Fetlar Shop, the Wind Dog Cafe in Yell, Baltasound Post Office and the Final Checkout in Unst.

The Glorious Twelfth (Of October)

It rains chocolates in Fetlar!

At 16:31 on 12/10/06 the Fetlar Primary School website launched itself onto the web. Its taken a while but we are now here - just in time for the October break, ironically. We need to thank the SIC ICT department for putting up with our requests to alter the logo. It now looks really good. Thankyou!
The explanation of the logo is on the school home page. Happy holidays!
Next morning: the Pupils & Staff enjoyed sweets falling from the air to celebrate our web presence before enjoying our two week holiday.
PS: Any typing mistakes, broken links, or errors please contact us via

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