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Term 3 News (January - March 2012)



Visitors A posed picture

Its that time of year when people travel miles to visit......

Collecting eggs Our hunters

.... to hunt for chocolate eggs.

Egg hunting

Making Easter Baskets

Making Easter bonnets



We are enterprising again. The timetable is being made and is being checked.

In the Nursery......

A ram

We went out to see the lambs. We picked up a few people on the way, as you can see from the photos.

Some of our people

Black lambs

Nearly everyone

He liked the lambs

Power walking back to school

Our sheep

New life

Enjoying snack

Eating snack

In the classroom......

Fund Raiser

A young resident A dapper man about Houbie

We had many people in the school for our fund raiser. The youngest resident came as well as a few more experienced ones!

Onomatopoeic Monster


P1 made Onomatopoeic Monsters, wrote an onomatopoeic story and recorded the sounds. We also made the monsters.

A monster

Onomatopoeic Poetry

Concentrating Collaborating

We had a visit from Jen Hadfield (Shetland's Reader in Residence). She helped us to write and perform onomatopoeic poetry based on the sounds that you can hear in Fetlar: the sea, the ferry, birds etc.

Making the sounds Making sounds
Making the sounds:

Forming soundsMaking the sounds


Then we performed the poem.

Take it away!

Subtraction Taking away

P1 are learning to subtract from 5 and 10 using animals and anything else we can lay our hands on!

Ten bears to countSubtractionSubtracting anything!Mid-sum

Making sounds with air!

Blowing her own trumpet Pan pipes

A trumpet

Our band?

P1 were encouraged to make sounds. It might have been a might idea!

Sound - its a vibration!

VibratingIt really vibrates!

P4 have been learning about vibrations, by doing the ruler experiment. We could see it moving!


In the Nursery...... (200312)

The Three Little Pigs


Acting out the story
We made puppets and invited P1 into the Nursery so we could re-tell the story.

Making houses of straw

Making the house of sticks.

Nursery Our Wolf

Nursery have made the 3 houses that the 3 pigs built in the story. This is the model of the house of bricks and the Big Bad Wolf of course!.

House of Straw

Water Play

Playing with Water

Our display of Work

Some of things we have made

Nursery Pupils and their Early Years Workers have been really creative this term!

In the classroom....... (150312 - 200312)

Sound without Vision

We are learning about sound and how sound travels through (and along) objects. We made a string telephone to see if it could work....

Laughter Line?

....surprisingly it did, as the above response to the secret message shows.

We are learning about Vibration and increasing volume.

Got to get a message to you! Making contact

We were surprised how well this worked. We could also feel the air moving inside the cup on our ears as we heard the sounds.

The party line

We attached a second set of cups to our line so that we could talk to more than one person at once. We could also hear 2 people at once down the string.

In the classroom...

SubtractingTaking away

P1 are starting to subtract (or take away). It takes a lot of thought!!

Mothers Day

Mother's Day Gifts More Mother's Day gifts

We made lots of things for Mothers Day: Cards (on the computer), Flower vases & Jewellery boxes.

Even More Mother's Day gifts Final selection

Upper Primary also made candles.

Making Candles

Lower Primary Learning

Counting and sequencing numbers Learning the 'ai' sound

P1 are sequencing numbers and learning the 'ai' sound. We are reading words such as: main pain and train.


Upper Primary Literacy

Fascinating Insect Facts Typing a story

We've produced an information book and a timeslip story as well.

Redrafting the story


Things are being made.......

A picture!

But no more details (yet)!
So we're not showing you anything else.
Hence this picture (which is something to do with it).

Investigating Sound

Making a Powerpoint

Upper Primary are making a sound powerpoint.

Making Instruments

What instrument will we make?

More instrumentsA bell

Playing in our band

The other primaries are making instruments and creating sounds. The sound was quite amazing!

In the Nursery ........ (130312)

Nursery choosing Help, Its a dinosaur!

Building A big tower

Lots of construction has been going on as we made big towers & planes.

Investigating sound Where's the sound?

We're investigating sound this week as well.

In the classroom.... (080312 - 130312)



Upper Primary were learning some strategies when playing Hnefatafl from the Grand Master, Peter Kelly.

Words, words, words

Word buildingcompleted words

We were making words by sounding out the letters in P1 this week.

Fetlar Enterprise

ResearchingHelp! Its confusing!!

Work has commenced on the Summer 2012 version of the Easy to Understand Fetlar Ferry Timetable.

Our Enterprise Tsar is having to work quite hard decoding it!

Exploring Sound


In P1 we are finding out how we make different sounds





In the Nursery....... (060312)

Nursery pupils are looking at light and colours this week. They have made a cave and went exploring with torches.

Dark cave Dark cave again

In the cave

Cutting and making Daffodils

Making daffodils

Enjoying the sun light

Using chalk

Drawing shadows

Patterns Patterning

Making colour patterns

The sign begins

Nursery are making a 'Welcome to Fetlar Nursery' sign or, as they call it, a 'Hello' sign.

In the classroom.... (010312 - 060312)

Viking Visit

Discussion about Vikings

We had a visit from the Shetland Museum with a box of artefacts that prove that the Vikings came to Shetland. We also had copies of Viking tools, clothing and brooches.

Sheeps tetherFish oil lampKnife sharpening stone

Viking clothesViking BroochViking ladies

St David's Day

Our Welsh Dragon is now finished. We're very impressed with how it looks.


Click here for St David's Day page

For Uyeasound Up Helly Aa 2012 please click here


In the classroom.......

St David's Day Preparations


We're making a Welsh dragon for our St David's Day celebrations. We've had to measure it and increase it in size before working as a whole school. We have added its claws and wings in various types of media. Its looking good!


We're colouring in mini Welsh flags for our table top decorations.


Reader in Residence

Performing the Apple poem

Jen Hadfield, Shetland's Reader in Residence, came up to see us on Thursday 23rd February. Upper Primary had made story books based on the Norwegian story of The Thick Fat Pancake which we read to Jen. She was really impressed with them!


Jen helped Lower Primary read a poem about the Loch Ness Monster. P1 then illustrated it.

An illustration

Upper Primary wrote poems based on the character of the Pancake.

In the Nursery...... 280212

Constructing a dragon

We have been working on the dragon as part of our link to St David's Day.
We also made a sun for our Spring display and some monsters out of play-doh.

Making the sun

Working Play-doh

News from February 2012 -

In the classroom......

Typing Pancakes

Crispy pancake Our story

Upper Primary are typing up a version of The Thick Fat Pancake. One version is for P1, whilst the other version has been turned into a Welsh Folk Tale.

Our Number Jigsaw

Our number jigsaw

P1 are working together to make our number jigsaw. We had to take turns.

Making Pancake Cards

xx writing our books

P1 made pancake cards to say thank you for the pancakes (as part of our celebrations topics).


Our Pancakes

We all had pancakes with Kiwi fruit and Banana.

Mardi Gras

We're looking at Mardi Gras this week as it is 'Fat Tuesday' on February 21st. We have made masks for a Carnival & learned that Carnival means without flesh. We know that Mardi Gras is the day when people use up all of their fats before fasting in Lent.

Mask 1 Mask 2Mask 3Mask 4

We learned that there are 3 colours associated with Mardi Gras: Purple, Green & Gold.

Mask 1Mask 2



Nursery Update 210212.....

Painting the sea Rough sea

Water PlayPancakes

The Nursery bairns are looking at water this week. They are floating & sinking boats as well as pouring & playing with water

My boats floating! Matching colours

A bacon sandwich Sorting shapes

We also made food in the kitchen and put jigsaws together.

In the classroom....

Up Helly Aa

Lower Primary being fierce

Uyeasound Up Helly Aa was held on February 17th and all pupils made shields and helmets to become Fetlar's Viking Princesses.
Click here to see pictures of this event.

What's in the North Isles?

Fetlar Yell

We are making a wall display of things you can see or visit around the North Isles.
This is in preparation for the return of Fetlar Primary School's Easy To Understand Timetable & Tourist Guide this summer.


At the time of publishing this news page Unst & Yell weren't finished.



Peter Kelly, who is a Grand Master of Hnefatafl, came in to talk to the Upper Primaries about Hnefatafl.

Hnefatafl is a bit like Chess, but only a bit like it. Its a game of strategy played by the Vikings and now being learned by the Upper Primary bairns.

Valentines Cakes

Delicious Cakes

Yum- yum!

Games Time


We had a parent in playing games with the bairns one lunch time.


Learning to add Learning to add again

We are learning to add with bears (and write our answers down).

Writing out our additions Concentrating

In Upper Primary

Halving Poetry

Half of Upper Primary is halving shapes, whilst the other half is studying a poem for mood and tone.


Reading the Runes

Viking Learning

Friday 10th February was Viking Day in Fetlar Primary. We made boats, researched Viking facts and looked at Viking finds.

Viking Charms Another charm

We also made Viking Talismans (or good luck charms).

Nursery Update 140212.....

Nursery Galley

The Vikings are sailing in their Galley.

School Update 090212

Ready for Up Helly Aa

Galley in productionDragons Head

We are making a Viking Galley for the wall as part of our Up Helly Aa celebrations. We are trying to get things ready for Uyeasound's Up Helly Aa in Unst on February 17th.

More pictures will follow shortly.

Lots of serious work

Writing numbers - correctly! More numerals

Writing numerals

Writing diaries Writing

Writing diaries of Lerwick Up Helly Aa

Writing Up Helly Aa Diaries Hard work on the diary

A new pup

Waiting to see the pup!

A new pup The pup!

There were lots of visitors in Fetlar at the weekend for a big wedding celebration.
This is one of the youngest visitors - the peerie pup had never been to Fetlar before. The pupils loved him.

Nursery Update 070212....

Daddy Bear

The Nursery pupils have been looking at the story of Goldilocks this week. We looked at the story on the whiteboard and then painted Goldilocks and the 3 bears, before making music to go along with the story.

Baby bearArtwork

Sand pit

Underneath all the heads is a sandpit!

The Nursery bairns discovered what happens if you add sand to water. They said it 'goes in'. But they liked making sand pies with the wet sand afterwards.

The Primary bairns wanted to make sand pies as well.

Medical reception

Answering the phone

As always in the Nursery, the medical reception desk is always busy with our professional telephonist answering the phone!

News from January 2012 -

Click here for our Up Helly Aa Diaries


Nursery Update 310112:

Drawing tableAll drawing

P1's were showing the Nursery bairns how to draw.

The aurascope

Our Nurse came in to look at our bandages and tell us about how our bodies work.

Our giant skull

Look at my skull!

Our emergency ward

Our baby ward.

In the classroom.....

More Celebrations: Weddings

Making a dressWedding dressDisplaying the dress

We are looking at Wedding celebrations this week from different faiths & all around the world.

We have discovered many wedding traditions that are similar. The dress or outfit is one of the most important things in all countries and traditions.

Our Celebratory Meal

In the week beginning 23rd January there were 3 main festivals or celebratory events: Chinese New Year (23rd), Burns Night (25th) & Australia Day (26th). We prepared our meal with suitable decorations for all these events: Australian Flags, Dragons, Saltires, mini-dragons & a piper.

Securing the dragon's head Dragons for waving

P1 cut out the money envelopes P1 made Australian Animal books

Chinese Numbers

We had a scottish meal: Scotch Broth; Haggis, Neeps & Tatties and Shortbread. We also had a Scottish drink: Irn Bru. The meal was prepared by the children but with some parental help.

Chopping CarrotsPeeling TattiesPreparationOutr table settings

Chopping, paring & preparing for our meal.

Mashing Mashing

Mashing tatties, neeps & carrots.

Head at the Table Enjoying soup

A clean plate!

It was nice!

Our piper

We also made a Chinese Dragon for our Chinese Dragon Dance (with authentic Chinese music).

Pin the magic dragon? The dragon moves


Words we know

24/01/12 In the classroom......

Making our dragon's headDragon's head almost finished

We're celebrating Chinese New Year. We are making a dragon's head, body & tail ready for a performance on Friday 27th as part of the Chinese Spring Festival.

Painting the dragon Applying the paint
The dragon's tail

Its the Chinese Year of the Dragon so we have made zodiac Mobiles and looked at the story of how each year was given its name.

GluingZodiac Mobile

Nursery Update 160112

Its been a busy week for the Nursery. They have been healing lots of sick people, putting on plaster casts and administering pretend injections (known as ow-ows).

Bandages at the ready! Applying plasterThe ambulanceColouring in the ambulance


We had a delivery of fantastic resources from the Bruce Family Hostel in Lerwick (via the Baltasound Nursery). They really got all the pupils thinking and healing.

I broke my arm!! Seriously illMedical EmergencyDoctorHelp!Emergency Room

In the Library Van

The library vanChoosing books

About every 3 weeks the Library van comes to the school and we get to choose some books.

In the classroom......


The Number 5Practise makes perfect

Lots of number practise has been taking place in the school this week.

Being Creative

ResearchingMatching festivals

We having been researching Rabbie Burns in preparation for Burns Day, whilst P1 have been learning about different festivals.

We have also been making & designing our own tartan inspired patterns for Burns Day. we have used pastels, strips of card and computer software to make our patterns. All of us had fun!

Tartan1Tartan 2

Getting readyComputerised Tartan

Nursery Update

In previous years it has usually snowed by mid-January so we decided to do our 'Winter' topic early this term. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas. So our plan to build a snowman has had to be put on ice!

A snowy picturePlaydoh

Healing the SickMaking the animals well

Instead we have painted Winter pictures, used playdough and healed the animals.

In the classroom....

Is that my cup?

Making mugs!

We have all handpainted cups in Art this week.


Pair of scooters Scooting along

We have been given some scooters. Any one can scoot!!

Researching Upcoming Festivals

P1 making books

P1 have made a book showing what food and items they would use to celebrate a birthday. Pizza was popular!

St David's DayValentines Day

Upper Primary researched some Cultural (& religious) festivals and produced a short information book on each one.

Glorious 12th (of January)

CharactersTesting our P4's phonic knowledge

The 12th is the day that our P1s received their new 'books with words'. They are very enthusiastic and know the charcters of the Oxford Reading Tree


Our theme this term is celebrations: Religious, Cultural & Family celebrations.

We have been looking at Religious celebrations this week including marriage in both the Christian & Hindu faiths and Baptismal ceremonies in Christian faiths.

Baptism Types of baptism

We learned that there are at least 3 different ways to be baptised.

Nursery & Primary!

How big is this? Turn taking

Hiding the ballWorking the till

The Primary Pupils and the Nursery went outside to play with the Big Blue Ball, after measuring the sand and operating the till!




The Nursery re-opened in Fetlar on January 9th. The boys enjoyed their first day. They cured sick animals, cut up lots of paper and sorted things out.

Sand pit

The sand pit is always popular with pupils of any age.



Making a collage

We're celebrating festivals from around the world. Today was the Ephinany - the arrival of the Three Kings. Its a big carnival in Spain and in parts of South America.

As you may have guessed from the pictures above we had 2 'visitors' in the school.

A photo of the finished collage of work will appear here soon.

It's Cold

Happy New Year! But 2012 hasn't started that well in the school as our heating has gone wrong - so there was no school on January 4th or 5th! But we were back in a warm building on the 6th!

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