Contact Information

Mr Paul Thomson

Principal Teacher:
Mrs Katy Hay


Fetlar Primary School,

Telephone Number:
01595 807072

Fax Number:
(01957) 733208

The Fetlar Tour:
From the Ferry Terminal to Oddsta

The virtual tour pages date from Summer 2010. We are working on updating them at the moment.

The start of the tour on the map.

The Geira at Hamars Ness

This is the Fetlar ferry at the pier in Hamars Ness.

The Geira at Hamars Ness

The ferry at Hamers Ness.

The waiting room at Hamars Ness

This is the waiting room at Hamars Ness where you can find an information board and toilets. In the building is a variety of information and a 3D Map of Fetlar.

Fetlar in 3D

The 3d map.

The generator shed at Hamars Ness

Here you can see the generator room which moves the pier level with the boat's ramp.

Looking North along the coast at Hamars Ness

the beach by the ferry terminal.

Looking North along  a path.

Fetlar has 6 marked trails. This is the start of walk number 1 at Hamars Ness.

To continue the tour click here

The majority of the captions on these pages have been typed by the children, with additional information supplied by Fetlar folk. We apologise for any inaccuracies and will be pleased to correct any mistakes if contacted.

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